Latisse™ Eyelash Enhancement

Cosmetic specialists at the UF Health Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Center offer an effective topical treatment for making eyelashes longer, thicker and darker.

Eyelashes that are inadequate or too short are caused by a condition called  hypotrichosis.

If your eyelashes are too short and thin, a topical treatment known as Latisse can help you address these issues.

Latisse is the only treatment clinically proven to grow eyelashes that’s approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.

While results from this treatment vary, most can expect noticeably longer and thicker eyelashes within 16 weeks. Some begin seeing results in the first 8 weeks, but again, results vary between people.

Check out a few before & after photos below to see how Latisse eyelash treatment helps patients accomplish their goals of fuller, longer eyelashes.

Applying Latisse is relatively easy, but something you need to do each night before going to bed. If you are interested in using Latisse, you must first consult with a specialist to ensure it’s safe for you to use this product, and to obtain a prescription.

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