Targeted Muscle Reinnervation

Targeted muscle reinnervation, also known as amputee reconstruction, is a new technique that allows intuitive control of upper and lower limb prostheses. Residual nerves from amputated limbs are transferred to restore new muscle targets that have lost their function. In addition, patients retrain their brains to focus on making these intuitive movements, like flexing and extending limbs. Targeted muscle reinnervation, or TMR, also prevents neuroma pain by providing an end organ/muscle for the nerve stump to grow into.

Our board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Harvey Chim, MD, FACS, performs TMR surgeries among many other types of surgical procedures. Other issues that affect people with amputations can also be addressed by our team and include issues relating to poorly fitted prostheses for the following reasons: inadequate soft tissue over the stump; prominent bone or heterotopic ossification.

Are you a candidate for TMR?

If you have neuroma pain following an amputation in the upper or lower limb, you are a candidate for surgery.

What to expect at your first appointment

At each patient’s initial consultation, they are assessed by a multidisciplinary team, including our nerve surgeon Harvey Chim, MD, FACS, and prosthetists at the UF Health Bionic Limb Center, situated inside UF Health Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Center – Springhill.

What to expect before surgery

We understand that preparation for any surgery can cause anxiety, uncertainty and nervousness. At each patient’s pre-operative appointment, they will have the opportunity to ask any questions that have not been addressed.

What to expect during recovery and rehabilitation

TMR surgery is most often performed on an outpatient basis or with an overnight stay. Upon returning home, patients should be aware that symptoms will continue to improve over three to six months following surgery.


While most insurances will cover this surgery we recommend contacting your insurance carrier directly.

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