Arm Lift Surgery Procedure

Florida Cosmetic Surgeon Details What you Can Expect

A brachioplasty, arm lift or upper arm reduction is a fairly simple, common procedure we perform at our Gainesville cosmetic surgery clinic. We know excess skin in the upper arm region can be uncomfortable.

An arm lift procedure removes excess skin and fat that good dieting and exercise cannot deal with. The procedure reshapes the under portion of the arm to provide better contours. Minor fat excesses without any skin excesses can be dealt with through a simple, nonsurgical liposuction procedure .

But aging, weight loss or heredity can cause skin and fat excesses that require a surgical arm lift procedure. Continue reading to learn this procedure from start to finish, which can give you a picture of what you can expect if you decide to go forward with one at our Florida cosmetic surgery center.

1. Initial Consultation and Establishing a Plan

Once you decide to inquire about arm lift surgery further, you will first meet with a UF surgeon at our cosmetic surgery practice in Gainesville. They will discuss the area of concern and evaluate you to ensure you’re healthy enough for the procedure. Above all, remember that an arm lift is only successful in the long-term if you maintain a stable weight, so good dieting and exercise is a must.

 2. Administration of Anesthesia

A brachioplasty is a quick cosmetic surgery procedure that’s administered under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. Surgeons will determine the best one during your initial consultation. DO NOT EAT BEFORE YOUR PROCEDURE AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS.

3. The Incisions

After you receive anesthesia, UF surgeons will begin surgery. As we said before, if it’s some minimal excess fat in the upper arm region, liposuction will most likely be the procedure used. But if surgery is required, there are three different incision patterns your surgeon can choose from.

Generally, incisions are placed on the inside of the arm or on the back of the arm. Incisions can extend from the underarm, or axilla, to just above the elbow. Surgeons can also choose a less invasive incision if the excess skin is minor.


Inner Arm Incision


Back of Arm Incision

Minimal Incision


4. Closing the Incisions and recovery

After removing excess skin and fat and smoothing the remaining skin to the new contours of your arm, your incisions will be closed with some absorbable sutures. Bandages will be placed over the affected area to allow healing along with a compression garment to minimize swelling.


Results from an arm lift will be apparent once the procedure is complete. You should expect one to two weeks of rest, but it’s suggested you avoid very strenuous activity for up to three or four weeks following your arm lift. Mild to moderate swelling should subside within five to seven days.

Most people who are given anesthesia have no problems, but everyone is different. It may take awhile to wake up or it can happen abruptly, but when you do, you may feel hot, cold or a bit numb. You may even feel a little nauseous and go through either a crying or giggling spell. Don’t worry, it’s all normal and your surgeon will be watching over you as the anesthesia wears off.

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