Candela ProFound Matrix

Restore skin with the all-new Matrix Pro treatments. Combining the power of short-pulse RF energy and microneedling, the Matrix Pro applicator creates a new dimension of aesthetic treatments. With adjustable depths for faster treatment times and real-time impedance feedback, your practitioner can provide customized treatments to target your skin concerns, creating new collagen for smooth, younger-looking skin while improving overall skin appearance and texture.

The Matrix system offers a customizable approach to your ever-evolving skin needs. Whether you’re looking for a simple refresh, getting wedding or event-ready, or treating wrinkles, there’s a Profound Matrix approach that’s right for you.

The Matrix system can be used to improve your complexion, resurface your skin, improve skin elasticity and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Customized treatment plan based on your needs

3 modalities in one platform, which allows your practitioner to customize treatment plans based on your specific skin concerns.

Designed to be minimally invasive with minimal downtime

Whether you are looking for a “red carpet-ready” non-invasive treatment, or something a bit more intense, there is an approach that is right for your skin concern and your desired outcome.

Proven clinical results

The Matrix system delivers deeply personalized treatments with optimal results by stimulating new collagen, resurfacing the skin, and treating fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you feeling beautiful at any stage of life.