Surgical Procedures

University of Florida Health plastic surgeons offer both men and women a wide range of surgical options

With decades of experience and top-notch facilities, cosmetic surgeons at the University of Florida help men and women of all ages responsibly address concerns about their appearance. Whether these issues were brought on by pregnancy, aging, prior lifestyle, or an accident, injury or disease, UF cosmetic surgeons in Gainesville have the expertise and technology to rejuvenate your appearance.

From start to finish and beyond, we’re here to help patients accomplish realistic goals of a more vibrant look and feel. We do this with the understanding that interest in the following procedures are for the right reasons and you (…the patient) have realistic goals and expectations.

We invite you to learn more about the various surgical options available at UF Health Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics Center. We’ve broken them down into the following main areas:

Body Contouring

UF Health plastic and cosmetic surgeons use innovative techniques that help reshape your body and recharge your soul.

Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction includes surgical procedures that are performed to restore the breast’s natural appearance, shape and size following a mastectomy.

Migraine Surgery

With the addition of Harvey W. Chim, MD, FACS, UF Health now offers surgical treatment for patients with intractable migraine headaches.

Scar Revision

Prior surgeries and injuries often times can leave prominent scars or cause some kind of disfiguring. University of Florida Health plastic surgeons employ minimally invasive, cutting-edge procedures to help transform scars to be more consistent with surrounding skin tone and texture.

Wrist Surgery

UF Health Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Center’s board-certified hand surgeon, Harvey Chim, MD, FACS, performs surgery on a variety of wrist conditions and injuries, including wrist fractures, scaphoid fractures and wrist osteoarthritis.

Learn even more about these procedures, along with some general information.

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