Blepharoplasty and Browlift

Blepharoplasty is surgery performed to remove excess eyelid skin and correct baggy eyelids.

The upper eyelids are most often treated with skin and muscle removal, while fat removal is usually not performed so that the eyes don’t look hollow. The scar lies within the natural crease in the upper eyelid and becomes invisible in a short time. The lower eyelids are treated with skin removal and then either repositioning of fat or removal of fat. Most often, the incision used is just under the eyelashes within the mascara line. In selected situations, the incision is made in the inner part of the eyelid and fat is removed or repositioned without any outer skin incision. This procedure can also be coupled with laser tightening of the skin if needed. Recovery from eyelid surgery is a few days, but bruising may last for a week. There usually is very little pain with eyelid surgery.

Browlift elevates the eyebrows when they become too low.

UF Health surgeons conduct this procedure with an endoscope and uses three one-inch incisions within the front of the scalp. The muscles that give creases between the eyebrows are also removed. The procedure not only lifts the eyebrows, but also tightens the skin between the eyebrow and upper part of the nose and the outer part of the upper eyelids. It also softens the forehead wrinkles. The usual recovery is one to two weeks due to swelling, but discomfort is usually gone within 48 hours.

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